We at VGR ENVIRO SERVICES offering you complete solutions that helps & support you as our customers to attain benefit & address challenges related to water management by integrating  and closing the gap in the water treatment industry value chain. We combined our 20 years experience and aim to position our self not as an system supplier but as an complete solution provider.

Industry Solutions

In VGR our offerings are comprehensive and with integrated solutions tailor made for the specific industry / application. While others supply a fragmented range of equipment or services alone, we provide comprehensive and complete package of consulting, design & supply, installation, services and operations from single source and undivided responsibility.

Customer who look at VGR as the one-stop solution for  water and wastewater needs.

Innovative Solutions

At VGR, we would like to ease your operational difficulties or complexities by offering comprehensive and integrated value added services. While other suppliers focus a fragmented range of equipment or services alone, we on other hand provide expert services and equipment’s all from single source, thereby saving customers time and ensuring a holistic solutions for their water need. Cradle to cradle concept.


Staffs of VGR has an 20 over years track record in the design, supply and construction of plants world wide for the treatment of water, wastewater, sewage and sludge.

Besides being well versed in a full range of established and conventional processes, the company offers leading edge advanced treatment technologies. We support  clients who wants to to be provided with up-to-date solutions to their water and wastewater treatment problems through engagement of engineering principal and partners resources’  from both China  and India who are in consistent  process technology development and search for suitable technologies within their circle.

Solutions Offered (Design and Equipment)

mark Primary Water Clarification & Filtration Systems
mark Containerised Water Treatment Systems
mark Wastewater Treatment
mark Wastewater Recycle
mark Conventional & Modern Sewage Treatment & Recycle

Services Provided

mark Consultancy for water management & conservation.
mark Process design & basic engineering
mark Supply & Installation
mark Plant Audit & Capacity / Efficiency Enhancement.
mark Plant Operation & Maintenance.
mark DOE Registration and Communications
mark Training for Staff ( Class and On-Site)


mark Solutions to your challenges
mark Understanding your needs
mark Reduce total cost of operations
mark Prevent operational problems
mark Engineering Services
mark2Project management
mark2Preventative maintenance Programs

Complete Expert in Water Management & Services

mark VGR involved in studying initial water characteristics, suggesting, planning & implementing plant evaluation test, for appropriate chemical treatment program with suitable equipment or system specification for the final need
mark VGR capable tp offers equipment for small and medium scale industrial applications.
mark System that is easy to shipped from the factory right to your doorstep as plug and play unit
mark Complete containerized systems for ease of shipping and installation.
mark An established source for off-the-shelf water treatment equipment examples clarifiers, pumps and dosing system
mark Reliable and experienced expertise in commissioning of new plants
mark Ensuring effective site management and discipline to ensure safe execution of the projects.
mark System operation training for installations and troubleshooting.
mark Implementing on-line monitoring system to ensure plant is taken care 24/7 basis